Droneakademiet can offer courses locally at your location, but perhaps even better is to take the course with us in Sykkylven or Drammen. Why not make a trip out of it?

A break from everyday life in new surroundings provides space for fresh thinking in the big picture. A holistic experience with added value often provides new motivation and is more likely to be remembered for a longer time. Participating in scheduled courses can also provide an opportunity to expand your network and meet professionals from other industries. Maybe you'll come away with ideas for more drone applications? The stay can cover the course days alone, or you can take the opportunity for an extended company trip with more experiences. Surrounded by fjords and mountains, there are many possibilities for a memorable stay. With renewed drive after a drone course, the conditions are well set for a mood-filled trip that will be long remembered.

Sykkylven Sykkylven is often described as the gateway to the Sunnmøre Alps and is a small town near Ålesund, with around 7,500 inhabitants. Here, you get up close to raw nature. Enjoy green grass in low-lying landscapes or dominate the terrain from high up.

Experiences in Sykkylven

Throughout the year, various festivals, concerts, and other cultural events are organized in Sykkylven. For example, the Brøvøll Festival brings humor and shows to the "farmer's backyard," the Technology Festival updates you on new technology, and you can dance into the night during the Boat Festival. In winter, the Sunnmøre Alps Ski Arena Fjællsetra and Strandafjellet are popular offerings that leave you wanting more.

The shops in Sykkylven town center are known for their excellent service and years of experience. We also have several good restaurants, with RAUS restaurant being a recommended choice. It's located by the marina, just a couple of minutes' walk from the center. Here, you can enjoy your meal with a view of boats, fjords, and mountains.

Check out an overview of restaurants, accommodation options, and the cultural calendar at:


For more cultural events:


https://www.storkultur.no/ for cultural offerings in the neighboring municipality of Stranda


We recommend staying in Sykkylven to avoid travel time and to have the peace to enjoy the surroundings.

Accommodation options in Sykkylven include:

Aursnes Hotel and Fjordstuer, right by the ferry dock and 3 minutes from the center or by the marina. 15-20 minutes away, in the neighboring municipality of Stranda, you'll find additional alternatives. https://www.strandafjellet.no/no/overnatting Several houses and cabins on various booking websites, e.g., booking.com


Vigra Airport is 15 minutes away from Ålesund by car. From Ålesund, it's another 25 minutes to the ferry dock, where a 17-minute "mini-cruise" across the fjord awaits. During this, you'll have the opportunity to enjoy the view and the scent of saltwater on the deck. Car rental is available at Vigra Airport. Buses are also an option, with transfers in Ålesund or at Moa Traffic Terminal.

If you choose to come by sea, Sykkylven Marina and Ikornnes Boat Association offer guest berths. Alternatively, you can take Hurtigruten, which docks in Ålesund.

If you want a road trip as part of the experience, you'd preferably drive via Åndalsnes and take the ferry at Valleskiftet, or you can come via Stryn and Stranda.

Ålesund and Surroundings

If you wish to extend your trip and have a more urban experience, staying in Ålesund is a great option. Here, you'll find more cultural offerings with restaurants, sights, events, and group activities. The city is known for its Art Nouveau architecture and has been named one of the world's most beautiful port cities by National Geographic. Ålesund offers various accommodation options, combining historical charm with modern architecture.

You'll arrive in an area with stunningly beautiful western Norwegian nature. Day trips in the area are an unforgettable experience for many. You can take advantage of visiting places like Alnes Lighthouse, Norangsdalen, or the Geirangerfjord, which is on UNESCO's World Heritage List. In Ålesund and the surrounding area, 62 Degrees North offers group tours and tailored experiences: Fjord cruises, helicopter tours, open RIB fjord safaris, and more.

Explore accommodation options and experiences at:

62 Degrees North: https://www.62.no/no

City Blog Bypatrioten: https://bypatrioten.com/

Drone flying in Sykkylven offers a unique and nature-oriented experience. Seize the opportunity to experience more. Experience Norway, its fjords, and mountains.

Experience Sykkylven.

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