About US

We are a provider of training and consultancy services in unmanned aviation. Our goal is to give you or your employees and colleagues the competence they need to succeed with drone technology.

Our history

All instructors at Droneakademiet have ample experience as flight instructors in manned aviation and broad drone experience. It is through this combination that we set a new standard for enhancing competence among drone pilots.

Our objective

Our philosophy is not to have as many students as possible, but to always focus on top quality and continuous development in order to adapt to the needs of the industry. We are a competence partner you can rely on.


Professional expertise

All courses combine theory and practice in a rewarding manner through delivery by experienced lecturers and instructors with ample knowledge in their respective fields. We strive to continuously follow new trends and the latest developments in our fields and to keep up with best practice across the sector. At the same time, we place great value on important partnerships in order to remain our customer’s most important point of contact for new expertise. Our staff are highly certified and take pride in keeping their knowledge up to date.

Good customer experiences

We give you the opportunities you need to increase your expertise, both in the long and short term. We are committed to ensuring that our customers receive the best experiences possible each and every time. Our courses are always taught in small groups, so that you can enjoy the best learning experience possible with an opportunity to be seen, heard and ask questions.

New technology

We use modern and professional equipment with multiple security systems in all of our practical courses. Participants in our practical drone courses will acquire knowledge of multiple different systems.


Our team

Alexander Sandnes

General manager

  • Mathias Gauer

  • Head of training

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