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Remote pilot theory - Specific category (STS/PDRA/SORA)

This course covers the Remote Pilot curriculum for operations under EASA Standard Scenario (STS-01/02), pre-defined risk assessment (PDRA-S01/S02), and topics required by SORA.

15 hours
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Course introduction

This online course gives you the necessary theoretical competence as a drone pilot in the specific category. The course covers the Norwegian CAA's learning objectives for the STS exam as well as the required subjects in SORA.

Drone pilots who will operate according to standard scenarios (STS-01 or STS-02) with a C5 or C6 marked drone must pass the STS exam. Theory exam requirements also apply to PDRA-S01 and PDRA-S02, which describe the same types of operations as the standard scenarios, but without using C-marked drones.

It is the responsibility of drone operators who follow SORA risk assessments to ensure that drone pilots have adequate theoretical training. The SORA methodology also calls for knowledge of a number of topics that are covered in this online course.

You can take the STS exam at the majority of Statens vegvesen (Norwegian Public Roads Administration traffic stations) locations that offer exam services. The STS written exam consists of 40 questions broken down into various subject areas. If you have already passed the A2 drone exam, the STS exam shall include 30 multiple-choice questions.

The course is delivered digitally through a combination of 10 course modules that cover various subject areas. For a detailed breakdown of the modules and lessons, see the list below.


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Course certificate

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    When you enroll, you have immediate access to your course.
    You will have access to the course for one year from the date of enrollment.
    The STS exam, which is 40 questions long and covers a wide range of topics, is administered at traffic stations run by the Norwegian Public Roads Administration. The STS exam should have 30 multiple-choice questions if you have already passed the A2 drone exam. Flying under the regulations of STS-01, STS-02, PDRA-S01, and PDRA-S02 requires passing the STS exam.
    The specific category is an operator category that covers drone flying with medium risk. The category allows for flying beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS) and flying above 120 meters. If one cannot operate in accordance with the regulations in the open category, one will most likely fall under this category.
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