To register for a course, simply create a user account and click 'Register' on the course page. You can also sign up to a course by sending an email with your contact information and details of the course you want to attend to:
    There is no registration deadline: you can register your participation right up to the day the course begins, subject to availabilty. If you would like to sign up at the last minute, please contact our customer service centre for assistance.
    You can find course dates on our course calendar and on the specific page for each course.
    If there are no dates listed for a course, then this course has not yet been scheduled for the season. Contact us for more information.
    We offer a group discount for groups of three or more people from the same company who sign up together. Courses can also be arranged internally on your premises. Contact us for more information and a quote.


    Click 'Log In' on the menu and then 'Create Account'. Once you have completed the form, you will be granted immediate access to your classroom.


    Your invoice will be sent by email prior to the course date. If you would like to receive your invoice in EHF format or by post, then this must be agreed with our customer service centre. Payment is due within ten days of the invoice date.

    Droneakademiet is not supported by the Norwegian State Educational Loan Fund, however, there are several different options available to get help with financing.

    The Norwegian Labour and Welfare Administration (NAV) offers support for training if it considers this to be of benefit in helping you obtain or retain employment. Contact your local office for more information on the various schemes and measures available.

    Many participants have their course fees covered in full or in part by their employer. The skills you acquire from us will make you a more valuable resource for your company and provide opportunities for further development.